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Sydney Chase, Actress,and Host of The Indigo Room

Simply Delicious

"Sandra has taken the conscious creation part of life and allowed it to be simple for many. And by giving her own experience along with it made it all the more delicious…I loved reading it!"

September 17, 2015

About Sandra Anne Daly

Sandra Anne Daly is a woman who, after thirty years of abuse, gave herself a gift. That gift was a thought, and that thought was this, There's got to be a better way for me to live. In her willingness to believe this thought when it came to her, she found the key that would unlock the door that stood between her and the life she had never before dared to imagine could be possible for her. At the age of 34, she discovered that this was not the truth and she decided to change her life. As a result of this study and practice, Sandra no longer calls herself a Survivor of domestic violence she now identifies herself as a Liver of Life and a powerful exam really can be broken. She uses her amazing story of growth and transformation to help others understand the principles that she learned and effectively used to change her own life. She is now an author, a poet, a speaker, a workshop creator and presenter, a certified Life Mastery Consultant, wife to a wonderful husband, mother of two beautiful children, and grandmother of amazing young Mikey! Sandra feels that it is her Purpose in this life to use her own knowledge and experience to be in service to others who have given themselves the gift of that thought, There s got to be a better way. It is her mission in life to give people back to themselves. She and her husband, Rick, live in Arizona.                           

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