Ancient Wisdom: Spirit Creating As Water

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About Connie Adcock

I moved to Austin, Texas five years ago, just having retired as a 1st grade teacher in Denver. Over the years I did many elaborate art projects with my kids at Colorado Academy. Now, I thought, it’s time for me to be an artist. So I started painting every day – watercolors and acrylics mostly – and I have loved every minute of it. I’m fascinated by color and pattern. I don’t think I’ve settled on any one style, but my paintings are usually filled with vibrant colors and positive emotion. People say my art cheers them up. I can’t help it – I’m just not one of those artists full of angst.

About ten years ago my husband and I began attending Mile Hi Center in Denver. This is a spiritual center that follows the teachings of Ernest Holmes and Science of Mind. Then we moved to Austin, where we are active in the Austin Center for Spiritual Living. These experiences enabled me to become much more aware of my spiritual journey.

This awareness is now expressing itself through my art. When I was a first grade teacher, I taught almost everything through storytelling, dramatic play, and creative writing. When I started serious painting, many of my pictures told a story. Now the art on this website is telling the story of my spiritual awakening.

Most of the art on this website is abstract. It goes beyond the recognizable forms in the world. It is about the intangible world of Spirit - about self-affirmation, compassion and love, trust and taking risks, blessings and gratitude, and so many other matters of the heart and soul.

I believe that everyone is on a spiritual journey, and everyone’s journey is right for them. I also believe all of us share fundamental beliefs about Spirit, or God. I hope that the spiritual art on this website will speak to you and support you in your journey.

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