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About Dr. Barry Pierce

A Queenslander who worked in the United States for 18 years, Barry Pierce is an licensed New Thought Spiritual Leader. Before returning to Australia in 2004, Dr. Pierce was with and is still an associate of City of Angels Center, The Institute for Love and Understanding, and the University of Metaphysics in Los Angeles. 


He now works in the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern New South Wales areas of Australia where he counsels and provides services for those seeking a spiritual path which is not serviced by fundamentalist religious teachings. 


He first started exploring and teaching motivation and universal mind twenty six years ago in Sydney and Tasmania. He holds a doctorate in Metaphysics (the study of man’s spiritual nature), and is a U.S. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He also has 2 degrees of Reiki healing. In Los Angeles, he worked with the Personna Group, Optima Seminars, and Dynamic Breakthrough. He also worked with the Hypnosis Motivation Institute and Westwood Medical Group and was in private practice. 


In business, he has achieved success in many business and media pursuits. He has presented radio and television programs in England, Scotland, Australia and the United States. His studies of belief systems led him to explore yoga, Alpha Dynamics, Silva, Lifespring, Reiki, Kenja, Brama Kumaris, Raj Yoga and other disciplines. 


An engaging, humorous speaker, he has spoken to groups ranging from small Rotary meetings to large conferences. Dr. Pierce’s rich background brings knowledge and experience to his work and to his demonstration of the truth of universal principles of life and success

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